Currently Available

Currently Available

“Watch and Learn”

Dimension: 51″ Wide x 60″ Long x 42″ Tall
The Momma Grizzly and Cubs are on separate bases and can be be sold individually.  The black portion of the base is temporary and is used as a pallet for moving them around.

“I’m Gonna Miss Him”

Lifesize 5’5″ Lady Fly Fisherman


Dimension: 21″ Wide x 34″ Long x 16″ Tall


“Look Mom!”

Dimension: 19″ Wide x 18″ Deep x 42″ Tall



Animal Tracks can be used as a trivet or displayed in the stand. Stands are made from railroad spikes.  Grizzly & Bison tracks can be hung on the wall.

Grizzly Track with Stand – $225.00

Wolf Track with stand – $150.00

Mountain Lion Track with stand – $150.00

Bison Track with stand – $200.00

Moose Track with stand – $150.00

Elk Track with stand – $150.00

Approx 10" TallTrees-a

Trees – $18.00 per inch

Our trees are made from upcycled materials, the branches are chainsaw chain,  the bases are propane tank, brush is cable and rocks are scrap metal.

Limited availability – no two items are alike.

Select items are available for purchase at the following:

Art Focus 215 W Main Street, Hamilton, MT 58840

Electric Beach 101 S Main Street, Darby, MT 59829


If you are interested in a custom made item or would like to stop by our shop, please give us a call at (406)821-3030 or send us an email at or by using the link at the bottom of the page.