About My Shop

ShopI am drawn to rusty or weathered things like a bear to honey.  Ghost towns are my favorite weathered thing.  One of my dreams has always been to buy some decaying old ghost town and try to restore whatever is left. There are some ghost towns around on large ranches, but I’ve never had the kind of money it takes to play that game.  When I decided to build a shop in my back yard there was no question about it, I’d build my own ghost town.  The interior of the building is modern and super insulated, it even has an overhead crane, but the facade is barn wood. I collect old wheelwright and blacksmith tools, which is how I got my start as a blacksmith.  It all works well together.  I call my “town” Ulcerville, because I just about gave myself an ulcer finding enough barn wood to cover the front.  It’s a cool place to go to work everyday.