Moose Antler Desk

I used to cut firewood and my personal favorite was what I called buckskin pine.  It is ponderosa pine that has been standing dead for decades but still very solid.  Usually one side has weathered to a buckskin or auburn color.  One winter I had some 34” x 8’ logs tucked vertically under the eve of a building.  I began to feel guilty for burning these beautiful logs up, so I came up with this idea. I call this style McGyver Rustic. I guess its self explanatory except for how the one end is hollowed out without destroying the log. I don’t have many secrets but that is one of ‘em. The barn wood for the base was from a bachelors homestead cabin. The homesteader’s name was Bill LeClair.  Local legend says he was a very interesting fellow, but he was killed in a logging accident in 1942. The handles were hand forged in my shop to match the moose antler chair.

Log Desk with Tractor Seat






Barnwood & Oak Bed Frame

Bed Frame (angle)

Rustic Stands

Rustic Stand Martin Stand





Decorative Western Counter Top

Counter Top- Arrows Counter Top- Rope





Rustic Kitchen Island


Rustic Wine Cabinet

Barn Wood Cabinet with Pine Cone Accents

Pine Wine Cabinet

Oak Wine Cabinet